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I’ve heard pretty much all my life that adversity builds character.

When times get tough, that’s when you really find out what someone is made of. If you accept that as truth, the Choctaw County Chargers are tough as nails and because of that, they now sit just two wins away from getting to the Class 3A State championship.

Choctaw County topped Water Valley 35-28 last Friday night. It was just the latest display of toughness from the Chargers, who have proven to be one of the state’s most resilient teams this year. The latest example? After earning a 21-0 lead over Water Valley on Friday, Choctaw County saw that big lead slip away. The Blue Devils roared back to tie the game at 21-21. All the momentum was on the Water Valley sideline. However the Chargers never blinked. They responded with 14 unanswered points, then held on to move on to a third-round playoff game at Amanda Elzy this week.

At this point, it shouldn’t shock anyone that Choctaw County doesn’t fold when times get tough. Fighting back is just what the Chargers do.

“We love adversity,” Choctaw County quarterback Kendall Coleman said in the moments after Friday’s win.